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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The adventures of SUPER DIAPER BABY

The adventures of SUPER DIAPER BABY is a humourous story, it's the same make and author of Captain Underpants. It's about a baby who drinks power juice, which makes him a 1 month old super hero. Super diaper baby can only save the world, but how is he going to do it? The evil villain is captain doo doo who has captured captain underpants! I think its a fantastic story and really funny because it is outrageously silly and it is especially wrote for children who like humour books, like myself.

Dav Pilkey has a website


  1. This book certainly looks funny,I could tell it was by the same author as Captain Underpants because the picture on the covers resembles a lot.I've never read Captain Underpants but I can tell that it is very popular and funny.But I still can't understand how a baby is meant to save the world?

  2. this looks like a great book i wish i could read it a great explanation and ameile is right about captin underpants

  3. ... and you've managed to put the link in to Dav Pilkey's website! well done!

  4. briliant website, really want to it