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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tom-Tom et Nana

Tom-Tom et Nana is a series of French comics. I read them a lot. There are lots of different books in the series. They are very very funny and they are about to brothers and sisters that make so much mischief. Their parents own a restaurant and they're very occupied with that. They do lots of exciting things 


Matilda is a very good book. It is about a little girl called Matilda.  Matilda is a very, very, very strange girl but strange in a good way. Matilda is strange because
she knew how to read very well and
very, very, very fluently at a very young age so she was a very, very strange girl.

Empty Quarter

I'm reading a book right now called Empty Quarter and it's about a man and his father and daughter. The man's father works for a experiment company and he is head of the company and he steals his grand daughter for an
experiment and the daughter's dad goes and gets her but they travel through the world until they all crash on an 
undiscovered island near Australia....... 

But I like it because it is a very good and exciting book. I like it because it has a lot of ACTION in it and it's also very exotic at the same time. 


The BFG is my favourite book in the whole world and in fact it's done by my favorite author RAOLD DALH.

The reason that this story is so epic for me is because it's got a lot of gobbledegoop in it and I love the way how the BFG sounds so soft for a giant and the other giants are just pure evil, as if he was left out in a way that he likes it.

Sophie is an orphan that sees the BFG blowing sweet dreams into the children's heads. The BFG snatches Sophie out of her bed and then .... (you read it, the ones who haven't)

Gregor the Overlander

This is a great book. It has no pictures but it doesn’t need any because of all the fantastic descriptions, I can even picture myself in the setting the characters are in. This book should be read by anyone who is too young to read the Hunger Games (it’s by the same author).

This is chapter one of Gregor the Overlander read by Elizabeth Grant

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Return of the Hundred-Mile-An-Hour-Dog

I really enjoyed this book its written by Jeremy Strong. It's all about a boy called Trevor who has a dog called Streaker he is really active that's why the book is called Return of the Hundred-Mile-An-Hour-Dog (Streaker travels 100 miles in an hour). In the village Trevor lived, he had a friend her name is Tina she had a dog called Mouse. In the village there was a show for all the dogs and Tina was very interested in it she wanted Mouse and Streaker to enter the show but Trevor thought it was a useless idea. Even though Streaker was active he wasn't too sure about it. Both Tina and Trevor trained their dogs to do the Slalom, the See-Saw. Tunnel, Hoop and the Wall of Death. It went on really well.
Tina and Trevor worked really hard because they had a bet with Charlie Smugg (He was very scary and he's fourteen years old.) Charlie Smugg has three Alsatians dogs and he's entering the Alsatians in the show. The bet between Trevor and Charlie Smugg was...
Jeremy strong is one of my favourite author. I like the way he writes stories. He sprinkles comedy all along the book. He has one award for this book in 1997 The Children's Book Award for The Hundred Mile An Hour Dog. I also remember when he came to our school and he read us a book ( My brothers famous bottom) told us about him. If you want to find more about Jeremy Strong just click this link

Twelve minutes to midnight

12 Minutes to Midnight by Christopher Edge This fascinating book of mystery and freakiness is about a teenager of thirteen named Penelope, the publisher of a magazine, THE PENNY DREADFUL, and writer of stories for Montgomery Finch to read to the world. At the beginning, Penny has a normal dreary life until Montgomery Flinch,her helper and reader, is called upon for an investigation into some mysterious circomstances at an asylum. Obviously, Penny thought it normal until she saw with her own eyes the actual wierdness of these people. Monty is too terrified by it and so leaves the case to Penelope. The case keeps going on until Penelope meets a woman, Lady Cambridge, who is fascinated by spiders. This is when it goes really freaky. The people that have gone mad have actually been bitten by a dream maker spider released by Lady Cambridge. Penelope then falls into the trap after trying to see what the woman was up to. Realising what had happened, Penelope freed the other writers from their madness by entering their minds and releasing them from their leir of darkness. Lady Cambridge then took the city but failed at finishing her work because of Penelope. In the end, Lady Cambridge is found bitten by loads of dream maker spiders and is declared insane. After that, Penelope is back to being a normal person on the outside but a really brave person on the inside.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Horrid Henry

Horrid Henry is the worst person you will ever meet. He does horrid things like in Horrid Henry Strikes Back he tricks his brother Perfect Peter by telling him that they had fairies in the garden. Henry told him to wake at night and to climb up the tree. He did that and waited a long time and then shouted Mum! Perfect Peter got into big trouble but the next morning so did Henry.

I enjoy reading this story over and over again and learn the tricks that Horrid Henry plays on Perfect Peter.    

Saturday, June 2, 2012

"We are delighted to announce the publication of Mr Altamirano´s last work called: The Spanish Horse: the evolution of its morphology. It will be available in both spanish and english. As in Mr Altamirano´s previous books, this new one is a state of the art editorial work, that includes pictures of the world´s best horse photograpers.

The writer´s first and most revolutionary of his books, discovered the real origin of the Spanish Horse. In the second, the author demosntrated the leyend of the Carthusian Horses was completely false. In this book, Mr Altamirano shows us the creation process of our horse today´s morphology, explaining the reasons hidden behind it, and its evolution through the centuries. Reading this book you will learn things such as why grey was the most common colour of these horses, why sorrel was excluded from the breed. You will realize how the ignorance of history led to the creation of myths and fantasies, that affected negatively the selection process of the spanish horse. Today´s discussion about the frontonasal profile of our horse, how it was when this horse was created, and why it changed through time, is also part of the content of Mr Altamirano´s book.
The author also explains why elevated gaits were prefered and the origin of "el campaneo". He proves false other theories such as the influence of a certain geographical area (Marismas del Guadalquivir), and climate, as determinant factors in the Spanish Horse characteristical morphology and movements, the correlation between the fighting bull and the back shape of the Spanish Horse, or this horse´s most common colour (grey) with the sun of Andalusia.
The reader will learn about the Spanish Horse original croup, neck, and the cause of the so called "gato"(fat neck). The writer proves that "Solo", the most famous and considered the purest "Carthusian" horse and original ancestor of the "El Bocado" blood line, was not part of that line, but just a horse that Mr Vicente Romero acquired and rebranded with his brand.
He present documentary evidence which clearly indicates that the Spanish horse is not the result of natural evolution but rather the product of the greatest genetic project of history, the one undertaken in 1567 at the orders of King Philip II in the city of Cordoba for the purpose of creating a breed of horses which would have specific pre-established characteristics."

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sea Horses: The Talisman

This book Sea Horses: The Talisman is by Louise Cooper and it is actually one of my favourite books.

It is one of the first books I have read by Louise Cooper and this has changed my mind about her because a few of the other books I have read by her were not very good. I did not think they were very good because they had no mystery about them and I like mystery and adventure books but, this book had mystery about it and one day I hope to read it again. This book is all about a little girl about my age, named Tamzin Weston. She lives with her Nanny in a little cottage near the sea in Cornwall. Tamzin's cottage in called Chapel Cottage and it is piled up with paintings by her Nan who is an artist.  Tamzin is very adventurous and also is very talented in horse riding. She rides in a riding stable, The Richards riding stable and one of her favourite horses is named Moonlight who is blue the same as her blue Talisman. Tamzin's blue Talisman is kept around her wrist all the time to protect her until one day it has dissapeared... Tamzin's worst enemy is the Grey Horse, a cruel spirit from the sea, and for centuries it was trapped in a tiny statue. But now it is broken and the grey horse is free to bring havoc and terror once again. Tamzin is afraid, especially after losing the blue talisman she wears to ward off evil. As the power of the grey horse takes hold, Tamzin is drawn deeper and deeper into danger... Ride into Mystery and Danger...

How To Survive Summer Camp

How To Survive Summer Camp is a hilarious book! It is full of disasters, jokes and problems.
When I started to read this book I read till late at night, it was very hard to stay quiet!
 It's all about a girl called Stella. Things start badly - Stella gets dumped in Evergreen Summer Camp.
At camp Stella gets mistaken for a boy and has to share a room with snobby Louise and wasty Karen. But worst of all , she's forced into terrifying swimming lessons - the one thing Mum promised she wouldn't have to do. It looks as if Stella's in for a nightmare summer.

Hunger Games Catching Fire

this book is the second gruesome book of the Hunger Games. This hunger games is the "quater quell". This happens every 25 years. The quarter quell is when all the 25 winners go and have big hunger games and it happens to be the 75 hunger games so this is going to be even harder for Katniss. What I like about this hunger games is the survival and mystery. These books could be very scary for some people but they are very adventureus. This book always makes me want to read more. When you start reading the start is not that interesting but when they are in the arena it gets cool.

Beano book 2012

The Beano has been running for 61 long years, yet the laughter never fades!

There are over 3000 isues and 61 annuals. My Gran read the Beano comic . My favourite character is Roger the Dodger.
But the king of the Beano is ... Dennis the Menace and his dog, Gnasher!

The beano has  only been avalable in the UK

Le comte de Monte-Cristo

This French book tells the story of a man who was accused of something he didn't do. He was accused of being 'bonapartiste' (helping Napoleon). Two men of a certain age helped each other to succeed. Edward (the main character) was going to be married to a woman called Mercedes. (Please don't say that he married a car.) One of the men was called Danglars. He loved Mercedes and was very jealous of Edward. So he was put in prison at the Chateau d'If. He was then taken for mad and changed cell. After some time of loneliness, Edward then met a man. They became friends and they taught each other things until Edward's friend died. Edward replaced his friend so that he could escape and find treasure. His friend had told him of a hidden treasure on an island. Edward was then thrown into the sea. Time goes by and he returns to his place under a new name: The Count of Monte-Cristo. He returns to take his revenge now that he is rich. And so he starts his life all over again, meeting new people and meeting his enemies...

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Underneath By Kathi Appelt

Amélie kept on telling me to read it. I finally gave in to both Amélie and The Underneath.

It's got so many different feelings and emotions in it, like love, sadness, despair, hatred and forgiveness. A calico cat who has once been loved is abandoned in a forest on the edge of a road pregnant with twins who will never have a normal life. All because of a cruel man and his unloved but kind dog, the calico cat found him singing the blues (whimpering). A snake full of hatred is then full of happiness and then back to hatred. There's more but I don't want to give it all away because then you wouldn't read it.

                                                                    Kathi Appelt

The more I think about it the more I understand it, I also understand now why Amélie loves The Underneath but I can't tell (more like write) about it all you'll have to read it from Kathi Appelt.

                   SO READ IT !

                                                                             (It's amazing)

Why does ear wax taste so gross?

This book is a really good book. It tells you stuff that you don't need to know, but its all quite interesting. It's weird because it's quite strange and is very good if it answers something you wanted to know.
There are more books written by the same author: Why eating bogies is good for you, how to avoid a wombats bum, why do farts smell like rotten eggs (these books are nothing like, Why does ear wax taste so gross!)
Get This Book On Your Kindle.

The Chronicles of Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia is a series of books. From book one to book eight, every single one of them are amazing. If you want to read the books you should start with The Magicians Nephew. It is where a young boy goes into Narnia by magic but also  by accident .

 If you liked reading  The Magicians Nephew, you should next read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. In this book the young children who venture into Narnia will go with the whole of the books from there on in. So get used to them!

If you read on to the end I'll tell you about all the books, but for now I'll keep on telling you about them in order.

The third book is called The Horse and his Boy. In this story there is a young boy called Shasta who is a fisherman's son. One night this strange man comes in and starts gambling for Shasta. Shasta was waiting outside and then he started talking to the strange man's horse but surprisingly the horse responded and they ran away into a gigantic voyage. (By the way, this book is my favourite one!)

The forth book is called Prince Caspian. this book is all beginning with Prince Caspian. That is mostly who this book is about. This little boy called Caspian had bean told stories about ancient Narnia. His uncle and aunt keep on persuading him that it doesn't exist. So his uncle gets a psychiatrist (who is part dwarf!) who tells him that the stories are true. Caspian goes on an adventure to find the creatures of Narnia and to fight back against his uncle and aunt's army. That is mostly what this story is about so read this book if you like adventures challengers and other fun stuff that has to do with fighting sword-fighting and talking lions!

Beast Quest

I like the Beast Qaest books because they interest me a lot and they are books that I am intrested in.

The author is Adam Blade and he inspires me a lot; the book that am reading is called Arcta the Mountain Giant.One of the best books that I like is called Sepron the Sea Serpent. It's about when this boy called Tom goes on these adventures with this girl called Elner.

She has a bow and arrows in a quiver and it is very thin. She helps Tom with her wolf. Also Tom has a horse called Storm. The horse is very fast. It helps Tom a lot by speed. I have 14 books about Beast Quest my favourite book is called Mortaxe the Skeleton Warrior. Its about where Tom fights six beasts and  Mortaxe himself. There is an evil apprentice called Petra. She is a girl who makes potiens to kill Tom and help Marvel, the evil creator of Mortaxe.


Stormbreaker is about a young 14 year-old boy, Alex Rider, who is going out on a mission. I haven't read the whole book yet, but I am enjoying it a lot.

So, Alex Rider wanted to find out how his uncle died. He went searching in his office and he saw two men. The two men shot him with a paralysing dart and one of the man explained that his uncle was a spy and he was to take the place of his uncle as a spy and that is when his story began...

The thing I liked about the book was that it was spyish and adventury I just liked how it's so mysterious.


Sleepovers is an easy funny book by Jacqueline Wilson. Jacqueline Wilson has written a lot of books. This  book is about 5 chilldren

who all want a best freind but unfortunatly there are only 5 chilldren. Can you see the problem?
This book is about a girl named Dasy who wants to be best friends with Emaly.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

All of the Dairy of a Wimpy Kid books

This is completely hilarious book which all children from 8 to 12 years old should read. It is full of jokes like when Greg hid in the dirty washing to find who was stealing.

All the dairy of a wimpy kid books.

                                                       Part of the Dairy of a Wimpy Kid.
The funniest bit ever in the Dairy of a Wimpy Kid - Rodrick rules.  


Wolf Brother

The story of Wolf Brother is a lovely story. It's a story about a young boy in African times and they had different tribes all named after an animal.

Tokak is part of the wolf clan but he lives alone in the forest with his dad. He doesn't join in with the clan meetings so he has no idea a killer bear is on the loose until it comes for him and his dad. When the bear is coming for his dad, Torak has no idea what is going on until his dad tells him. The Demon bear is rampaging through the forest destroying everything in it's path. A Demon is inside it and with every kill it grows bigger stronger more powerful and at night it is invincible.

Torak is alone his father lying dead, slaughterd by the demon bear his only ally is an orphaned wolf cub.Him and his friend Renn from the raven clan get up to all kinds of amazing things and learned even more about the mysterious soul eaters. Him and Renn do all things that no one else has done they stood up to the demon bear and they learned the deepest secrets of the forest.

This may not be true but as you read it the pages seem to ripple with truth it seems so real. The book is in a collection of books so there is always another amazing story to read after. This book was so enchanting I couldn't put it down for one second. It's a truly amazing book and I thoroughly recommend it.   


Astrosaurs are dinosaurs that help all sorts of dinosaurs in danger in space. You would think that dinosaurs are big, stupid, lumbering reptiles. Right? All they did was eat, sleep and roar a bit. Right? Died out millions of years ago when a big meteor struck the Earth. Right?


Dinosaurs weren't stupid, they were just like you and me. They had to parts of space named the Vegetarian sector and the Carnivore sector. The book I put there is called The Claw of christmas. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

The worst things about my sister.

There were two sisters. One is called Molly and the other sister is called Isabella.
One sister liked the pink and the other one hates her sister because her sister loved pink....

I like this book that because is funny.

The problem is that the Isabella her sister invites molly to her brithday the mom of Isabella made her a dress but Molly dont like dress,Molly said I dont wont to go to my sisters bithday the mom said yes you are going to your sisters party, ok I go but I dont but a dress.

Horrible Histories Cruel Kings and Mean Queens

The book
I love this book because I am interested in kings taking over the thrown. Charles II is my favourite. He invented partying. He loved it so much he had one almost every day. The book is funny and factual at the same time.

Terry Deary hated history though, so he wrote horrible histories for his revenge. They also tell us about the most horrible deaths, horrible funerals and you can see in Scotland i don't know where but you see a castle with ghosts that are the king and queens ghosts. One of the kings died by a medicine to cure his cough. Some kings are absolutely disgusting like James I who kept picking his nose. Really funny. Go and see his Website.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Three new books in the library

There's been a whole lot of new books in the library, and I've been reading some of them: three that I can really recommend.

The first is by David Almond. Which is recommendation enough. I love all his other books, especially Skellig and Fire Eaters. This one is good for younger readers as well as older readers. It's called The Boy Who Climbed Into The Moon. This is about a boy who lives in the basement of a tall block of flats and decides one day that he wants to go up to the top and touch the sky. David Almond knows how to create interesting characters and the people that the boy meets are an exotic collection of quirky people. And the boy goes further than simply touching the sky!

Another book I really liked was Small Change For Stuart by an author I hadn't heard of before. It's also an adventure. But this one is a quest too and a puzzle. Stuart, the boy in the book, discovers that his long-dead great uncle was a magician and a maker of magic machines. More important, his great uncle has left a trail of clues to find his mysterious workshop.

But other people are looking for the workshop too. This book kept me turning the pages. I really wanted to find out if Stuart would find the next clue and get to the workshop, even though I knew he must do!

The last of the three books I'm reading at the moment. It's called The Unforgotten Coat, by another author I really like, Frank Cottrell Boyce, who wrote the book and film Millions. Like the other two books, this one is a short easy read, but has lots in it. It's about two Mongolian boys who arrive in a Year 6 class of a school in England. The boys really are very unusual, and there is a bit of a mystery about why they behave the way they do. Highly recommended!


The army is after Tintin and Haddock and they have to escape !They make it on a tanker ship. they get atacked by mosquitoes but Tintin shoots them down. The ship gets shot at by a sub but the US battelship saves them.

haddock gets one of thes on his head when he falls in the water.

this is haddock and tintin and a mosquitoes pilot triing to make a ship notis them.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The 39 Clues

The 39 Clues series of 11 books are fascinating for all ages.The characters are always emotional in different parts of the books. The main characters are two kids named Amy and her younger brother Dan.They are two orphaned children that are being raised by their aunt and that have just lost their grandmother. When they go to her funeral, their grandmother's executor reads out a will and they are thrown into a perilous adventure. They must collect 39 clues along with other teams and be the first to reveal a secret that will turn them from orphaned kids to the most powerful people in the world. These books have been written by different authors that have gathered up their imagination and imagined the stories. I have enjoyed reading the books and hope that there are more to come in the future.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a great book and film for children and adults. In a land far away lives Peter Pan with the other friends like Tink. 

One day Peter Pan leaves and goes to a place named London. He flies around London until he finds this tiny house near the gigantic clock. He opened the window and saw two small boys and one bigger sister named Wendy. After a long talk with all the small and big ones he tried to teach them how to fly. After a long time they do. They travel to the new world and find danger with Peter Pan's enemy...