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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Return of the Hundred-Mile-An-Hour-Dog

I really enjoyed this book its written by Jeremy Strong. It's all about a boy called Trevor who has a dog called Streaker he is really active that's why the book is called Return of the Hundred-Mile-An-Hour-Dog (Streaker travels 100 miles in an hour). In the village Trevor lived, he had a friend her name is Tina she had a dog called Mouse. In the village there was a show for all the dogs and Tina was very interested in it she wanted Mouse and Streaker to enter the show but Trevor thought it was a useless idea. Even though Streaker was active he wasn't too sure about it. Both Tina and Trevor trained their dogs to do the Slalom, the See-Saw. Tunnel, Hoop and the Wall of Death. It went on really well.
Tina and Trevor worked really hard because they had a bet with Charlie Smugg (He was very scary and he's fourteen years old.) Charlie Smugg has three Alsatians dogs and he's entering the Alsatians in the show. The bet between Trevor and Charlie Smugg was...
Jeremy strong is one of my favourite author. I like the way he writes stories. He sprinkles comedy all along the book. He has one award for this book in 1997 The Children's Book Award for The Hundred Mile An Hour Dog. I also remember when he came to our school and he read us a book ( My brothers famous bottom) told us about him. If you want to find more about Jeremy Strong just click this link

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