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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Twelve minutes to midnight

12 Minutes to Midnight by Christopher Edge This fascinating book of mystery and freakiness is about a teenager of thirteen named Penelope, the publisher of a magazine, THE PENNY DREADFUL, and writer of stories for Montgomery Finch to read to the world. At the beginning, Penny has a normal dreary life until Montgomery Flinch,her helper and reader, is called upon for an investigation into some mysterious circomstances at an asylum. Obviously, Penny thought it normal until she saw with her own eyes the actual wierdness of these people. Monty is too terrified by it and so leaves the case to Penelope. The case keeps going on until Penelope meets a woman, Lady Cambridge, who is fascinated by spiders. This is when it goes really freaky. The people that have gone mad have actually been bitten by a dream maker spider released by Lady Cambridge. Penelope then falls into the trap after trying to see what the woman was up to. Realising what had happened, Penelope freed the other writers from their madness by entering their minds and releasing them from their leir of darkness. Lady Cambridge then took the city but failed at finishing her work because of Penelope. In the end, Lady Cambridge is found bitten by loads of dream maker spiders and is declared insane. After that, Penelope is back to being a normal person on the outside but a really brave person on the inside.

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