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Monday, May 28, 2012

Beast Quest

I like the Beast Qaest books because they interest me a lot and they are books that I am intrested in.

The author is Adam Blade and he inspires me a lot; the book that am reading is called Arcta the Mountain Giant.One of the best books that I like is called Sepron the Sea Serpent. It's about when this boy called Tom goes on these adventures with this girl called Elner.

She has a bow and arrows in a quiver and it is very thin. She helps Tom with her wolf. Also Tom has a horse called Storm. The horse is very fast. It helps Tom a lot by speed. I have 14 books about Beast Quest my favourite book is called Mortaxe the Skeleton Warrior. Its about where Tom fights six beasts and  Mortaxe himself. There is an evil apprentice called Petra. She is a girl who makes potiens to kill Tom and help Marvel, the evil creator of Mortaxe.

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