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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Le comte de Monte-Cristo

This French book tells the story of a man who was accused of something he didn't do. He was accused of being 'bonapartiste' (helping Napoleon). Two men of a certain age helped each other to succeed. Edward (the main character) was going to be married to a woman called Mercedes. (Please don't say that he married a car.) One of the men was called Danglars. He loved Mercedes and was very jealous of Edward. So he was put in prison at the Chateau d'If. He was then taken for mad and changed cell. After some time of loneliness, Edward then met a man. They became friends and they taught each other things until Edward's friend died. Edward replaced his friend so that he could escape and find treasure. His friend had told him of a hidden treasure on an island. Edward was then thrown into the sea. Time goes by and he returns to his place under a new name: The Count of Monte-Cristo. He returns to take his revenge now that he is rich. And so he starts his life all over again, meeting new people and meeting his enemies...

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