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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wolf Brother

The story of Wolf Brother is a lovely story. It's a story about a young boy in African times and they had different tribes all named after an animal.

Tokak is part of the wolf clan but he lives alone in the forest with his dad. He doesn't join in with the clan meetings so he has no idea a killer bear is on the loose until it comes for him and his dad. When the bear is coming for his dad, Torak has no idea what is going on until his dad tells him. The Demon bear is rampaging through the forest destroying everything in it's path. A Demon is inside it and with every kill it grows bigger stronger more powerful and at night it is invincible.

Torak is alone his father lying dead, slaughterd by the demon bear his only ally is an orphaned wolf cub.Him and his friend Renn from the raven clan get up to all kinds of amazing things and learned even more about the mysterious soul eaters. Him and Renn do all things that no one else has done they stood up to the demon bear and they learned the deepest secrets of the forest.

This may not be true but as you read it the pages seem to ripple with truth it seems so real. The book is in a collection of books so there is always another amazing story to read after. This book was so enchanting I couldn't put it down for one second. It's a truly amazing book and I thoroughly recommend it.   

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