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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sea Horses: The Talisman

This book Sea Horses: The Talisman is by Louise Cooper and it is actually one of my favourite books.

It is one of the first books I have read by Louise Cooper and this has changed my mind about her because a few of the other books I have read by her were not very good. I did not think they were very good because they had no mystery about them and I like mystery and adventure books but, this book had mystery about it and one day I hope to read it again. This book is all about a little girl about my age, named Tamzin Weston. She lives with her Nanny in a little cottage near the sea in Cornwall. Tamzin's cottage in called Chapel Cottage and it is piled up with paintings by her Nan who is an artist.  Tamzin is very adventurous and also is very talented in horse riding. She rides in a riding stable, The Richards riding stable and one of her favourite horses is named Moonlight who is blue the same as her blue Talisman. Tamzin's blue Talisman is kept around her wrist all the time to protect her until one day it has dissapeared... Tamzin's worst enemy is the Grey Horse, a cruel spirit from the sea, and for centuries it was trapped in a tiny statue. But now it is broken and the grey horse is free to bring havoc and terror once again. Tamzin is afraid, especially after losing the blue talisman she wears to ward off evil. As the power of the grey horse takes hold, Tamzin is drawn deeper and deeper into danger... Ride into Mystery and Danger...

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