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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beast Quest: Nanook the snow monster

Tom journeys to the wilds of the frozen north of Avantia, searching for Nanook the snow monster because he wants to free Nanook from a curse. The thing I like about the book is whenever there is something too heavy on the ice, you fall through into the water. Nanook is very heavy so he falls into the water all the time when he is battling Tom. I like the way all the books fit together. Tom has to go to all sorts of different places to free all the creatures trapped by the curse. The creatures are Ferno the dragon, Sepron the serpent, Arcta the mountain giant, Targas the horseman and Epos the flame bird.


  1. The book sounds interesting because it is highly risky and dangerous fighting on thin ice. This would keep the reader engrossed in the novel.