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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows J.K Rowling

Harry Potter is looking for Horcruxes, the soul of lord Voldemort broken into seven pieces and each of them

put into an object that can only be destroyed by a goblin made blade or a Basalisk fang.Harry goes searching for these things intending to destroy them to make Lord Voldemort
But when Harry goes back to Hogwarts to try and find another Horcrux Voldemort knows he's there and war was declared on Hogwarts. Just for Harry Potter.

Many were fighting to combat Lord Voldemort.Harry tries as hard as he can
and so do many others.Many creatures come along to join in the fight, like the giant spiders from the forbidden forest and some of Voldemorts giants.Apart from breaking into Gringots Harry hasn't dome anything major.But Voldemort hasn't made anything easy and there were already lots dead and many severely injured.Harry knows that everyone are risking their lives just for him, he can't bear to see people risking their lives just for him.
Whats more he has to find another Horcrux that is in the castle and that doesn't help his troubles.Many more things are going to happen in the battle of Hogwarts but who knows when it will end.

This is my favorite book ever, in fact I love all of the HarryPotter's so much I kept on re-reading them until my dad confiscated them.The Harry Potter books are so huge it must have taken years for J.K Rowling to write such enormous books.Well her years writing them were all for the best because her books are very popular and have brought her lots of money.I hope she doesn't regret it.I love her way of making everything seem mysterious and exciting.So many things happen at once and I love the way she always puts in every little detail about everything.


  1. Wow that sounds really I want to read it as soon as possible.

  2. Thanks for a great review Amélie! I especially like hearing about how you liked this one particularly, and the whole series so much that... your dad confiscated them!! There's a recommendation!

  3. I think I am gooing to by them all.