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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mr Stink by David Williams

Mr Stink is about a young girl who is not close to a normal life. Because her mother is running for MP ( member of Parliament ) and is always smartly dressed in blue suits and pearls. She even sprays air freshener in the garden. But the young girl called Cloe has different plans. To befriend a tramp called Mr Stink who would soon be forced off the street and out the town. Along with other tramps but Cloe wouldn't go with the flow she was determined to save Mr Stink and his dog The Duchess. Therefor Cloe sends Mr stink into her garden shed where other secrets are kept hidden in inky blackness. Most grown ups would have a wash in a bath in a shower or a bath but Mr Stink has his in the pond.
I feel that it's full of adventure, laughter, sadness and many more emotions. It's a amazing book and I recommend it...a lot!!!