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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beast Quest The Dark Realm Narga the sea monster By Adam Blade

This interesting book is set in a land called Gorgonia. This place is a very mysterious place where many things lurk in the shadows. Beasts that prowl, but not all the beasts are nasty , many of them are nice but the rest belong to a dark wizard called Malvel. But there is a boy called Tom who is on a Quest to find Crystals and save different beasts. In this story the beast he must conquer is a terrible creature called Narga. Narga is holding a good beast captive in an ocean called the Black ocean. Tom has to go far to conquer Narga and save the good beast. He travels for two days before he meets hunters face to face in a plain land. Tom fights them all but the chief was stronger and smarter. He ran away in the middle of the fight. Tom continued his journey to the Black ocean. At last he reaches the end of his journey. He waits for the beast. Then the beast finally shows up. As soon as the monster came out Tom came forward and attacked it. Finally Tom succeeded in killing the beast and freeing the good beast from Narga. Tom succeeded in finishing his quest but the adventure isn’t over yet as Tom still has to free other beasts from other terrible beasts, but Tom is ready.
This book was a very good book to read, and I am looking forward to reading other Beast Quest books.

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  1. My first blog was about Beast Qoest to.