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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Best Friends

In the book there are two girls callad Alice and Gemma, They are best friends and they have never broken friends, but Alice is keeping a seecret . Gemma is getting very suspicious.
This book is a very good book and I tell you it is more for GIRLS.


  1. I hope that it is not mor for girls.

  2. More for girls, rely.
    Do you mean more girls like it than boys

  3. Rhedd do you mean you like it aswell you know you shoundn't say so and Kieren its good if it is for girls there is not much in our class. Realy I would like to learn the please tell Marie I really really want to know. üüü

  4. I've read a few Jacqueline Wilson books and enjoyed them, so they are definitely not exclusively for girls, even if more girls than boys read her books.

    1. it is not bad for it to be for girls its not saying that a boy can't read it just the story was a book that girls would like i am not saying no boys can read it though. And i am sure many books are just made for boys but girls still read just because its for boys it does not mean that a boy cant touch it .its just it is more based on girls. people have a right to read what thy want

    2. I ment that this book is more for girls because there are only girls in it(normaly boys don't like that)