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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Butterfly Lion, By Michael Morpurgo

I have recently read this book in class, it is a very good one my very first book I read by the author Micheal Morpurgo. There are two mane characters one is a lion and one is a boy. The lion is named "The White Prince" by this frenchman who owns a circus in France, (where I am living now). The boy is named "Bertie" who lives in Africa with know brothers and sisters, he was a very lonley boy until one day the Butterfly lion came and lived with him. It has a very happy ending, I always like them.


  1. I know. It is a very nice book and i've got it at home

  2. I quite like what I have written about The Butterfly Lion. I really like it, you should read it.

  3. We have it somewhere - you've made me want to read it Claudia!

  4. I remember this book Claudia, we read it in year 4 as a class book. But still did not finish. It is a very nice story.