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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Printer's Devil

The Printers Devil is a book about a boy who is a printer's apprentice.
They call him the printers devil becausehe he is very gaunt and can sneak around without a sound.
This book is one of three.
It is about a criminal who is a bosun.

In this story, Mog is the main character. He doesn't know where he comes from. The only thing he knows is that he comes from India.
He ventures out to find his true meaning. He begins by searching wherever he can find evidence of where he came from exactly. One of the first clues he finds is a ship called the Sun of Calcutta which is docking in the harbour.


  1. Whow dos he make no sound when he creeps up to somone.

  2. If it's a series book why don't you write about the other two?