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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Grandpa's Amazing Computer by Ursel Scheffler

Ollie is a really bravee child that likes his grandpa. One day grandpa sends a letter inside it it says:

Dear Ollie,
It was very nice to get your letter.
İt would be even nicer if you could
come and visit me.
Would you like to come next weekend?
Love from

Well, Ollie asks his mum, and mum says yes, but the problem was that maybe Ollie coudn't go all by himself. For this Ollie said "I can go, no matter, I'm nearly ten remember."
As soon as Ollie finished he wrote back to Grandpa a letter inside it says:
Dear Grandpa,
I can come! Next weekend Mother
and Father are going to a computer show.
They say I can travel on my own.
See you on Saturday.
Love from

On Saturday morning Ollie was on the train to go to Grandpa's. Dad had written a list of stations for him. When Ollie arrived he gave a big hug to Grandpa and when Ollie looked down from Grandpa's shoulder he saw a dog and Ollie asked "who is that dog?"
"İt's Mr. Major" said grandpa, "I thought you would like to meet him. I'm looking after him while my friend is in hospital."
"Grandpa, do you remember the story you told me last year?" asked Ollie, "the one about the magic dog?"
Grandpa had forgotten the story.
"You need a computer" said Ollie, "that has a good memory."
At lunch they ate burned cake. While grandpa and Ollie were having a walk with Mr. Major (you haven't fogoetten him have you), Grandpa told Ollie about a computer that he has which was a very small computer. Ollie was suprised so he quickly asked Grandpa to show him when they were back from the walk. Grandpa looked for it every where and finally he found the computer and he showed it to Ollie. "A seed it isn't a computer" said Ollie in big surprise.
"Well, it is a computer" replied grandpa "it knows how to take all it needs, from the air and the soil and the sunlight, to make a plant grow"
Well, for this there are loads of computers and seeds that are computers. I was as surprised as Ollie when I was reading!


  1. Well done Ceyda for taking the time to tell us about this one!

  2. I think this is a good book. I like the way you explained the plot of the book? It seems very humourous to.