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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Little Prince By Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Little Prince sounds excellent. My Mum says every time she reads it she says she cries... softy. I feel that it's like the book My Name is Mina in a way because he's not understood by grown ups either by his drawngs of boa constrictors. He says he can't draw like how I say."I can't understand a word of french," But I know it's not true. I look at his drawings of the sheeps and feel jealous because I can't drw a sheep or a goat at least not as well as he does.


  1. Well done, Myriam. I like the comparison with My Name is Mina. I can see that: they both have an 'the adults don't really understand' thing.

    It's also interesting how the book has made a big impression on a lot of adults as well as children!

  2. I know it's weird I mean the only time I've only seen a grown up cry oone time and that was when my Mum woke up from a really weird or funny dream.

  3. Yes myriam, I quite enjoyed the play did you? It was ok I really liked the way you explained it!!!

  4. Thank you Tanvi... but I couldn't go remmember it was my first day of fchizy-oh.