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Monday, January 30, 2012

Emil and the Detectives, Erich Kastner

Emil and the Detectives is a book that I am currently reading at home and school and I have nearly finished reading it. It is a good book and it is a one that I like because it is adventurous. If Mrs Tischbein had known the amazing adventures her son Emil would have in Berlin, she would never have let him go. Unfortunatly, when his seven pounds goes missing on the train, Emil is determind it get it back - and when he teams up with the detectives he meets in Berlin, it is just the start of a marvellous money - retrrieving adventure... The main characters in this book are Emil and the gang of boys (named as the Detectives. I hope the end shall be as amazing as the start and I also hope I shall read another one of Erich Kastner's book some other day maybe.