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Monday, January 30, 2012

Gangsta Granny

Ben has a big problem: his granny is a gangsta! (not a gangster) But of course Ben doesn't know. He thinks his granny is a kind of a textbook granny: she loves cabbage, she plays Scrabble and she always has a scrunched up tissue in her cardigan. But this granny has an enemy. There's a spy called Mr Parker. He thinks that shes breaking the law. So Ben's granny lies to him all about the gangtsa thing to keep him away from Mr Parker. Ben is a moderate boy and he hates dancing because of his Mum and his Dad. Every Friday his Mum and Dad leave Ben round his granny's house beacause they either watch Strictly Stars Dancing or go ballroom dancing. Even if he doesn't like his granny he still has to go. Ben's dream is to become a plumber. If theres a broken pipe he will fix it. When he goes round his granny's house he buys this comic called plumbing weekly.
If you want to know all about him check his website


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  2. The gangster granny sound's really good and funny.I would quite like to read it my self.The old women does sound a bit of a gangster thou!!!

  3. Josheph-
    I loved you're post on "Gangsta Granny" It sounds like a very good book and somtheing I would read. You did a good job describing it and making want to read it. What was you're favorite part of you're book? Why? Also, what did you think was the lesson taught in this book.

    West Maple Elementary

    1. Lexie,
      The bit i liked the most was when they tried to steel the crown jewels. Have you read the website?
      Sincerly Joseph.
      International school of Toulouse

    2. Joseph,
      You said that someone stole crown jewels. Who tried to steel them? No, I have not read the website. Could you please send me a link to it?

      West Maple Elemantary School