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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Malory Towers

Darrell Rivers certainly makes an impression when she arrives first time at the Malory Towers it is a boarding school. She makes lots of new friends scatter-brained Irene who is really good at maths, the quite studious Emily and Sally.


  1. Tanvi,

    The book sounds very interesting. I would like to read it someday. Why did Darrell go to boarding school? Did she meet her friends at boarding school or before then? Does she have lots of friends?


  2. Hi Sami i like the way you have written the comment. I would love to read some of your written posts. When you asked me why Darell went to boarding it's quite a hard question to answer. But I am sure I can answer to the question. Darell went to bording school because she has a sister so her mum said it was quite hard to manage with two children and near her house she had a friend called Sally and they were in the same form and in the same class.The book is in series I am on the second one.

  3. hi! Malory towers? Its one of my favourite books. I love the character Darrel Rivers and also Irene... I like Irene because of her scatter-brain character, as I'm a scatter-brain too!