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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Phoenix and the Carpet

By Edith Nesbit

This story begins with 4 children that discover an egg in their new carpet. The egg belonged to the Phoenix. Then one day Robert (one of the children) accidently pushed the egg into their fire. Of course the Phoenix came out off the egg and made them discover that their carpet was a wishing carpet and then all of the adventures began. They went to France and got stuck in a tower, to India where they bought pots etc, and even got animals stuck in their house, made friends with a burglar and many other strange things. The problem is they have to keep it a secret from their parents. At the end of the story the carpet is very torn and the phoenix lays an egg on the remains off the carpet from which he will arise two thousand years later. Of course the children are very sad to see both the phoenix and the carpet go. I loved the story because it is full of different emotions and once you start reading it is really hard to stop. I would recommend this book.


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  2. Dear Noemie,
    This book sounds like a great book! It sounds magical and mysterious. I would like to read it someday. I have seen a show like this. It is a very magical show and in one episode a Phoenix came. It seems like they travel the world. I would like to travel the world one day. What would you rate this book on a 1-10?
    West Maple Elementary

    1. Dear Eve,
      I would give the book 10/10 and I have proof. I read twice in a day!!! It is very magical indeed and very transporting. I would love to be able to go India one day!!!

      International School of Toulouse

  3. Dear Noemie,
    Wow since you gave it a 10/10 I really want to read it!
    One day I would like to go to Mexico one day!

    West Maple Elementary