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Monday, January 30, 2012

Starring Tracy Beaker

Tracy Beaker is back... and she is just desperate for a school play called the A Christmas Carol! Her mom is so famous and posh she is famous hollywood actress. She has to be in the childrens home that is where you children if you do not want them these kids in the childrens home call it the dumping ground but i call that rubbish my mom wants me but it is just that she is a hollywood actress and if she comes out there would be cameras clicking everywhere. I will suggest you this book it is a good book well it is quite intersting even though I have not finished the book I am just on the 13 page but until then it is quite intersting.


  1. I've read this book to Tanvi yes it is really good I love Jacqueline Wilson to

  2. That is the same with me Ella Jaqueline Wilson is my favourite author she write sfunny stories sometimes I keep want to read her books again and again...