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Friday, February 17, 2012


Violet has got plenty wishes she is just waiting for them to come true:
1. She wishes Will, her brother could be kinder to her.
2. She wishes she had a real friend to talk with privately.
3. And most of all, she wishes to meet her favourite author Caspar Dream (C.D.)
Violet's favourite author is Caspar Dream and she keeps writing letters to her. Here is the first letter she wrote to Caspar Dream:
Dear C.D.,
Mum and Dad are going out tonight to a big dinner and dance. I've never been to a dance unless you count school discos and they were awful. I thought Will might come and talk to me. I knew he wouldn't dance with me, though we used to do all sorts of crazy dance routines at home. But Will acts like he doesn't even know me at school. A lot of the time he acts like we're strangers at home too. It's changed everything.
I wonder if you ever go to dances? I always look in the papers of Mum's Hello! magazine just in case I might catch a glimpse of you. I did get hopeful when I read Midnight won the book of the Year Award
at some glitzy publishing do. I went to W H Smith's after school for a week, thumbing through everything, hoping there might be a photo of you. I saw a woman with long blonde hair holding a copy of Midnight and a big gold trophy in the shape of a pen nib. Is she your
wife? Your girlfriend? She's very pretty.
With love from
I love reading letters especailly in this book this and I think this letter is the best one Violet has written to Casper Dream. This book includes lot of fairies not the little-girly pink pretty fairies. The strange spooky weird creatures. Before each new chapter begins the book has a picture of a fairy with it's own caption. The first one says:
From Elfin Home by Casper Dream
The changeling Child Faries steal away beloved babies and leave away a changeling Child in their place. These base elfin breeds are often evil, with difficult, demanding natures and enormous appetites.
Mum was keep on telling Will to look after me. Mum treated me like I was 3 not 13. I am looking forward to what will happen next!

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