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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Never use a knife and fork

I love this picture book because it has lots of rhyming and poetry. It gets a lot better through the book. This is my favorite part in the book. It has really good picture and funny sentences, like Leave spaghetti in your hair keep crisps in your underwear! Nick Sharrat does a lot of bright colour to make his pictures stand out. I love Neil Goddard's grammar. This one of my favorite picture books so far. Nick Sharrat has astonishing coulour and pictures. Neil Goddard has lots of ryming in his writing. Nick Sharrat is really easy to find in books beacause his drawings are always the same. 


  1. I like the the way you explained it.

  2. I love that book.And I think that book is in the library. someone on Thursday picked that book but she couldent take it home because she haden't bring the book's back. But in y1 I had take the book home.

  3. Never Use A Knife And Fork is a great storybook and a bit yukky!

    Mimi in Y2

  4. If you like that serees try the book pants. I like that serees too. Love Jesse