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Sunday, March 4, 2012


Amy, Bella, Chloe, Daisy and Emily are friends at school and have their own Alphabet Club because of their names A for Amy, B for Bella, C is for Chloe, D is for Daisy and E is for Emily of these five girls no one noticed this but it was Daisy who noticed it and she also always wanted to be in a special secret club like now. It is Daisy's first year in this school she had to move to another school because of her sister Lily. Daisy's sister Lily when she was born she had special needs she was not able to talk or walk properly and so she had to go to a special school. One day Amy said she will invite her best friends to her sleepover party. Emily, Bella Chloe thought it was amazing but Daisy just smiled. Daisy knew Bella would be invited because Amy and Bella were best friends. Daisy was not sure at all if she was invited and then Emily asks Amy if Daisy could be invited "of course'' said Amy. Daisy thought that was really nice of Amy so all the girls in the Alphabet club were invited to Amy's sleep over party. Daisy got ever so excited about that the day of the party Daisy went to the shop to buy Amy a present with her mum and her sister Lily. Daisy knew that Amy loved writing so she took hours finding Amy a fountain pen there were different colours Amy loved all bright colours there were some colours they were bright red, lime green, sunny yellow and sky blue just then her sister Lily started crying so they had to leave when she was going Daisy found a set of different bright colours gel pens and then Daisy showed them to her mum they bought the gel pens and went back home. Amy loved the present that Daisy gave her. Amy said she wanted to try them but Chloe who thinks she is the boss said I don't want to write that is a waste of time we had to listen to Chloe even though it isn't her birthday. So they played some games. All of the Alphabet Club girls have a sleepover party but Daisy has a dilemma about her sleepover birthday because Chloe might be mean to Lily but after all even though Chloe was mean to Lily Daisy did have a sleep over party because everyone had one and she was invited to all of them so her mum said Daisy has to have a sleepover party to be fair on everyone. It is Amy first who has a sleepover party then it's Bella who had a swimming sleepover party then it is Emily who has a picnic for the lunch then it's the mean Chloe who has a freaky sleepover party like they watch freaky films at night at last it's Daisy who has a camping sleepover party so all of them sleep in a tent. I don't want to spoil all the fun. I think it is an excellent book to read and i would also say that this is my favorite Jaqueline Wisons's book I have read.    

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