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Thursday, March 8, 2012

We honestly CAN look after your dog

For many reasons I like the author Lauren Child especially the series of Charlie and Lola. It used to be my favorite TV show. I think Lauren Child is a really fantastic author she half does realistic art and half cartoon like art when she does realistic art I think she cuts bits out of magazines like the wood on the bench and it is not just one shade and the same type of wood she changed the shades of the wood. In this book Lola adores dogs. So when Lotta, Lola, Charlie and Marv go to play out in the park with Sizzles. Lola and Lotta have a dilemma, who should ask Marv to take care of Sizzles and then Lola says I will ask Marv and when Lola asks Marv he says '' Lola do you completly know how to take care of dogs?'' and Lola says '' yes'' Marv reminds Lola and Lotta the rules for looking after dogs you are not aloud do give Sizzles crisps and the most important thing is you should always keep him on his lead. Lola said why don't you have a game of football untill we look after Sizzles, kindly Marv agrees and says yes. So Lola and Lotta got really excited while Charlie and Marv have a game of football then Lola and Lotta have a small arugument they were querelling and they say"no I get to hold the lead'' ''no I get to hold the lead when they looked around they could not see Sizzles they said " oh noooo Sizzles is gone" when they look around suprisingly, they saw Sizzles but not just one they saw two alike Sizzles and they did not know which was the real Sizzles. Then Marv and Charlie came and Lola said Marv we accidentally had a fight of who holding the lead and suddenly, two sizzles appeared Marv said that is why we have a dog collar there was a kind of blue striped string with a gold circle with black handwriting and Marv explained that is why we put this collar around a dog's neck it tells you the owner's name it has said Marv Lowe and the adress of his flat. That's what Marv said to them. Lola and Lotta got very happy that Marv found a solution.


  1. Hello Tanvy I know that book .Its a good book I
    like that book from Alicia

  2. I loved the book too Alicia it is one of my favourite Charlie and Lola books.