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Monday, October 3, 2011

Clementine by Sara Pennypacker

In this first book of series Clementine tries to help out her friend Margaret, but ends up in a big mess. One school morning Clementine went to the art room and there Margaret was sitting; she was finishing her mask and she was gluing sparkles on it. And she said 'Remember the rules' Margaret is in fourth grade and Clementine is in third grade so she thinks that makes her the boss of me. The teacher always says Clementine pay attention and she thinks paying attention is not listening to the teacher she thinks paying attention is looking at the empty seat that Margaret has left. Margaret had been excused to go to the girls room. So Clementine asked the teacher if she could go the girls room and when she went to the girls room she could see Margaret sitting on the floor and crying and she'd placed of layer of towels. Clementine asks Margaret what's the matter and she says I have got glue in my hair. Clementine also could see a Do Not-Remove-from-the-art-Room scissors was chunk of straight brown hair. Margaret's hair was halfway down her back long. It was to notice that the whole part over her left ear was missing and then she says can you cut all of my hair and Clementine does that and this how Clementine got in to trouble.

Sara Pennypacker was born in Massachusetts. She is an author of childrens literature who was awarded to the Golden Kite Award. She has written seven children's books including Clementine and the Staurt' series. She has her official website click here.

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  1. Well done Tanvi!
    The link to the website is a good idea too!