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Monday, October 10, 2011

Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder

Welcome to the magical world of Jo Nesbo; don't have too much fart powder otherwise you will blast into outer space!
But beware, the time soap bath bomb is scarce and Nilly and Lisa need to find Doctor Proctor before its too late.
Nilly and Lisa must find Doctor Proctor. But how? He could have gone anywhere in time, how were they supposed to know?
Doctor Proctor went out looking for his long lost girlfriend Juliette. But he didn't just go looking for her, he went in time! Nilly and Lisa received a mysterious postcard from Doctor Proctor informing them that they needed to find him and come to his aid. It all started a few years ago when Juliette met Proctor on the streets trying to paint a picture of her with a machine he invented. Juliette happened to be a baronette and she and Doctor Proctor were in love. But when she told her father the baron that she had fallen in love with a poor inventor she'd met on the street he was not happy.


  1. I have read the first one but I am dying to get the second one

  2. I would be lookink forward to read this book. I like the way amelie explained this story. ÜÜ :) :)

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  4. Wow... that sounds interesting silly but interesting. That actauly sounds like my cup of tea (even though I used to drink it I don't even like making it now) I'll look forward to drink I meen reading it.

  5. Well done Myriam for rewriting your comment - much better! (I deleted the first attempt.) You used to drink tea!?!