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Monday, October 10, 2011

The Trouble wıth Romana and Beezus

Beezus's (Beatrice) problem was that she hated it for when Ramona called her Beezus not Beatrice and everyone started saying Beezus as well and this is her problem. But the really big problem with Ramona, as Beezus felt, was that she was just plain exasperating. What if you gave Ramona a cup of lemonade with a straw? She blew it as hard as she can. And what would happen, what would happen if Ramona was painting ouside? When she finishes she rubs her hand on next doors cat's fur. Oh my! Normally Ramona would peddle round and round in the living room with her rabbit ears on and beezus could never consantrate on her work.

She sometimes, well nearly all the time, makes weard noises like: Clunk clunk!. Beezus was always annoyed by Ramona. She would never ever stop doıng something sometimes when
you went really, really annoyed by her this what you should do from Beezus: You would
say, 'stop Ramona please' and the answer will be 'if you read my book to me I will stop I promise'.
Well when Beezus started reading this just fisrt word (well maybe the fisrt sentence I read in Ramona's book I really got bored as Beezus allways did. This I tell you is the first sentense: Once there was a steam shovel called Scoopy, no vocabuary, no adjectives for book I think Beezus was really bored (by the way she is 9 years old is well) out of the book. Ramona as she always did add would some words in: I want to be a big bulldozer. Ramona said after Beezus said' You skipped it was spose to be I want to be a big bulldozer. Finally Beezus finished and was now at the and now she started to jump on the sofa and say' Grrr' and this what Beezus said' you promissed you will stop I am telling MUM' And Ramona's responce was' I stopped' of course Ramona would carry on. Beezus now needed to fınd an Idea and got annoyyed very, very much more than she was. Clever Ramona wanted Beezus to read the scoopy again and again.
You should read this book because ıs very fun and annoying of course (because of Ramona). this book ıs by Beverly Clearly.


  1. I have read this book it is a big book + it is really funny.

  2. there is a film but i havent seen it or read the book
    i will though it looks good