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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Becky Bananas by Jean Ure

Becky Bananas is about a girl that is telling about her life when she was very joung. She goes to dancing classes but one day one of her legs are hurting and she tries to hide the pain and tells her mum about it.

Her mum says that it is just a sprained ankle, but the next time she goes to her dancing classes her teacher sees that she has a hurting leg and tells that she must stop dancing till the leg is not hurting any more.

So then she goes home and tells her mum and then her mum says that she has to go to the doctor to check on her. When they are at the doctor's the doctor tells them that she has to go to the hospital...


  1. Oh, things are going from bad to worse. Well done, you've made me want to know whether she is able to dance again or not...?

  2. THE only thing that I will say is that she gets better.

  3. what do bannas have to do with it?
    does she have a deisies caused by bannas