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Monday, January 30, 2012


The BFG is a very nice giant. The BFG stands for Big Friendly Giant.the BFG is the giant that gives good dreams to good people and tries to cach the bad dreams to dip there sours in a big fieri volcano.The BFG is the only giant in 13 giants, 12 of them are bad people and 1 the BFG of cours is a very good giant.So mily is a little girl and one day she see's the BFG and as the BFG was going to blow awey a dreem to her he reealisde that mily had seen him.What will hapen to mily will she die it is to you to reed and discover.


  1. Well done for reminding me of an old favourite, Kieran. Roald Dahl is great and the BFG is one of my favourite Dahl characters, with his big heart and funny expressions. Year 2 are reading Esio Trot at the moment. Have you read that?
    Miss Ash

  2. Yes Miss Ash I have read it and I like it.

  3. I've read Esio Trot Miss Ash . The BFG is also one of my favourite books I also love Roald Dahl.

  4. Kieran,

    It sounds like a really good book. Some day I would like to read the book.I like what you wrote. You really explained the book. You also added detail to your response. What did BFG feel like when he was the only one that was nice out of the 13 BFG's.

    Sam West Maple Elementary

  5. atuly they are not all coled BFG one is could boon cruncher,an other blud bottler ......... whel what I meen is that they all have a funy name.