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Monday, January 30, 2012

Young Sherlock Holmes: Death Cloud

Young Sherlock Holmes is a marvelous book about his adventures when he was young.
In this book there is a mysterious man who plans on destroying the world using hyperactive bees
who will sting anything that is dipped in this liquid.
He's going tp dip army uniforms in it which will kill of the British troops in India....
And Sherlock s father is fighting in india!
I loved this book and I think you should read it!


  1. That sounds like an awesome book. I want to read it. I wonder what clues Sherlock Homes would find. Did his assistant come with him? If he did, did he help? I like mysteries do you?

    West Maple Elementary

  2. Dear Cameron,

    Yes, Sherlock Holmes did have an assistant with him, but it was not his normal assistant, John Watson.
    It was his friend Matty.
    I was wondering if you had been to a school called Nysmyth

    1. Davis,
      Thanks for answering my questions! I wonder why Matty came with him instead of John Watson. I have never gone to a school called Nysmyth. I have only gone to two schools, Rogers and West Maple. Do you go to Nysmyth?
      West Maple Elementary

  3. no Cameron but i use to go to Nysmith and i met a guy called cameron who moved
    Matty came with him because this was young sherlock Holmes and he hadnt met Watson yet