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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Big Bazoohley

Sam's a little nervous. His parents have checked into a really expensive hotel, and Sam knows that they can't afford to pay the bill - unless his mother manages to sell the painting that she has just finished. She thinks she has a buyer, but when she goes off to the buyer's address she is puzzled to find that it doesn't exist. The mysterious Mr de Vere, who she has dealt with before, must have moved without telling her.Sam's father is a gambler. Sometimes he does well and they live comfortably. Sometimes he loses and they live on peanut butter sandwiches and milk. They're in a bit of a peanut butter period at the moment. When they arrived at King Redward hotel they heard about the perfecto Kiddo competition it was quite tempting for Sam he wanted to win the competition he could win 100,000 dollars. Sam thought this was great and he could make his way and win the competition. The night before the competition Sam had sleep walked out of the room he was staying in with his mother and father and was kidnapped by this Muriel and George. There was bad news their kid had occured with the chicken pox and he was all covered with spots. Their were some spots here and there they were everywhere. He was named Wilfrid and he was glad to be in bed because he did not want to travell around the world winning a big amount of money and everyone making a big great fuss that he has won the grand contest. But i think that Muriel wanted Sam to win so all the preparation was for Sam he had to be washed and scrubbed and Muriel had scrubbed him until he looked like a gorgeous little boy. After all the preparation he was glowing like the sun.

About the author Peter Carey:
This book is the first childrens book Peter Carey he writes adults books to like many other authors. His full name is Peter Philip Carey he was born on 7 th May 1943 at the age of 68 he was dead. Peter is an Australian novelist and short story writer. He won his first in 1988 for Oscar and Lucinda, and won for the second time in 2001 with True History of the Kelly Gang. In May 2008 he was also nominated for the "Best of the Booker Prize".Carey has won the Miles Franklin Award three times. Peter Carey also has an official website click
here to enter the official website of Peter Philip Carey in this website there are many things about Carey.


  1. Well done for all your research Tanvi!

    One thing: Peter Carey is still alive!

  2. I looked in wikipedia and it was - something so i did not really understand.

  3. No, problem. Well done for what you've done.