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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Bed and Breakfast Star

As you can see I am going to write about the Bed and breakfast STAR, which is written by: Jacqueline Wilson ( my favorite author). That is why I usally chose to write about the books that Jacqueline Wilson writes. Her books are very creative and the illustrator Nick Sharratt suits well for the stories that Jacqueline writes. She published this book in the year 1994.

Elsa is a bright and lively young girl who has dreams to become a comedienne. When her stepfather loses his job, her family, including her baby half-brother Hank and half-sister Pippa, are forced to move into a bed and breakfast hotel that is used for poor families. They had spent lot of time spending in grand places but after her stepfather lost his job they are not earning any money so they ended up in a bed and breakfast hotel which they think is no good. Elsa doesn't get along with her stepfather and spends much more time with her friend Naomi. Noami is a girl who Elsa met when she first came to the bed and breakfast hotel Pippa had to go to the toilet. When they went there they saw Noami standing on the washbasin reading a book. Pippa and Elsa were surprised when they saw this. Elsa bravely asked the girl why are you here? 

So they introduced themselves and Naomi said she had three brothers and she had to look after them so Naomi thought the three brothers where such a pest that she slips into the ladies' bathroom and sits there reading a book. The first thing she said was I always slip into the bathroom without anyone knowing and come with a book to read for one reason, because she likes peace and which if she was with her three litle pesting brothers they would do the opposite  Later they both became best friends and got on with each other very well. And eventually Elsa went to a new school and they lived happy ever after...


  1. A great post Tanvi! I like it when you explain why you like things.

    Was Elsa ashamed to be living in a B & B, after having lived in grander places?

  2. (I've added a link to Nick Sharratt's webpage about his illustration for Jacqueline Wilson.)

  3. Thank you Mr Gregg for adding a link to Nick Shrratt's website I had a look.

  4. I like the picture books he does for younger children lots! When I was in Year 1 I got hold of a load of them.

  5. I like the way she explained the story