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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Big Bazoohley by Peter Carey

This is the first book I have read by Peter Carey and it was a very very good one, I would like to read others by him. I think he is very famous as well. We have currently read this book The Big Bazoohley in class and we finished it about four or five weekes after the October break (which means holidays). It was our class book and Mr.Gregg read it to us. I really enjoyed it very much and I hope all of the other students in the class enjoyed it too.

It was about a boy named San Kellow who was the main character. His father was a gambler so therefore the Kellow family lost quite a bit of their money, but Sam's mother painted pictures and sold them, she was an artist so they got back their money. They were staying at King Redward Hotel when a Perfecto Kiddo Competition took place. The prize was quite a big amount of money and secretly Sam wanted to win it so he took place in it.

The night before the competition Sam had slept; then sleep-walked out of the apartement he was staying in with his mother and father and was kidnapped by this Mad Muriel and Droopy George as Peter Carey called them. Muriel and George had won all of the other Perfecto competitions that took place in other parts of the world. There had been a disaster: their kid had come down with the chicken pox and he was all covered with spots, their were some spots here and some spots there they were everywhere. He was named Wilfrid and he was glad to be in bed because he did not particually want to go around the world winning a big amount of money; it made him sad and tired. But now he was satisfied with his life, it was fine. But it was not for Sam: he had to be washed and scrubbed till his very dirty body sparkled like, well, like the sun and stars, mostly like the stars.

Peter Carey
I think Peter Carey is famous as well just like Enid Blyton my favourite author. He was famous but not as much as Enid Blyton, no one could ever be more famouser than Enid Blyton. I shall be looking forward to reading another bookof Peter Carey's.

Thank you for reading this post. I enjoyed writing it and I hope you really enjoyed reading it as well. Did you like my comment of The Adventure series? I hope you did. Did you? Thank you again.



  1. Claudia, I'm glad you wrote about this one, and I'm really pleased that you enjoyed it!

    The unfortunate thing, maybe, is that Peter Carey has not written any other children's books. He is famous as an author for adults. Still, that is something to look forward to about adulthood...

  2. It is a great shame that Peter Carey hasn't written more books for children. The build up to the Perfecto competition is wonderful, full of imagery, humour and a cast of characters who wouldn't be out of place in a Roald Dahl story.