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Monday, December 5, 2011

Beowulf and the Monster

Beowulf is of course the hero of the story. But Beowulf faces up against a mysterious monster in the great forest. There is only one way to kill him and that is to trick him. This terrifying monster is called Grendal. Grendal can use his claws and teeth to catch humans. Humans have the most taste. If this monster drinks your blood he will think it tastes like blueberries. Would Beowulf save the whole town?

I like this story beacause I like the sound of the book. I always tried to read a Beowulf.

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  1. I'm glad you like it, Joe. It's such a famous story. Famous too for being one of our first stories in "English" - English when it was very different to the English spoken today -

    "We synt Higelaces beodgeneatas; Beowulf is min nama. Wille ic asecgan sunu Healfdenes,
    mærum þeodne, min ærende, aldre þinum, gif he us geunnan wile þæt we hine swa godne gretan moton."

    They even had letters we don't have any more!