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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mossycoat - by Philip Pullman

This book is about a young girl called Mossycoat and her story is very similar to the stories of Cinderella on one hand and Donkey's Skin on the other. Her tale is very much a mix of both those traditional tales and I think that the author of Mossycoat got his ideas from those 2 stories. Philip Pullman has written lots of other books all of whic h are very good. His most famous one I believe is called the Northen Lights.


  1. Well done for making the connection with other stories in the same family. Yes, Peau d'Âne is a close relative too! And, once again, well done for such a great retelling in class Amélie!

    Have you read the Northern Lights books Amélie?

    1. Yes I have read the northern lights and I really liked it. I've already watched the film aswell. Do You?

  2. I realy like the book Northern lights but infact my bigest dream is to aktuly see the Northern lights
    And Good team work when we were recording it. If we were in class and I were the teacher I would give you a golden min +

  3. If you clik on Maries name you will go to the web

  4. I like the way you told the story that day Amelie. The book was wonderfull. I was reading Northern Lights but then I thought it was to big for me to read it so I did not finish the book. I remember Mr. Patrick showing us a trailer about Northen Lights. As Marie sad I would love to see the Northern Lights actually it is one of my big dream.