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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Snow Queen

This book was written by Berlie Doherty based on the famous story told by Hans Christian Andersen. He was a very famous storyteller who wrote many famous stories we know now, including “The Ugly Duckling”, “Thumbelina”, “The Steadfast Tin Soldier” and “The Little Match Girl”. He was born on April 2 1805 in Denmark, and he died on August 4 1875 in Denmark near Copenhagen .
This book starts off with slimy imps that made a mirror. But this mirror was like no other mirror because it reflected the evil heart of those who looked into it. Now those imps dared each other to show it to the most beautiful creature on earth , The Snow Queen. The queen loved mirrors and tossed her hair around admiring her beauty but kept seeing her evil heart in the mirror. She became furious and smashed it into little pieces. The bits flew up into the night sky turning into dust and landing in people’s hearts turning them to ice. The imps cackled and sped off into their slimy holes. Now the same thing happened to two friends Kay and Gerda. Kay ended up getting the dust in his heart and left Gerda alone. Then one day the Snow Queen came along and took Kay away. Gerda, feeling unhappy, set off into the night to look for him. She went through lots of misery. Finally, she ended up finding him in an ice palace. She sang to him a song that they had sung together until finally he broke free of the mirrors’ magic. They then sped off, leaving the Snow Queen laughing behind them. They arrived safely back home.

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  1. Noémie, well done! A good idea to give us some background information on Hans Christian Andersen. And you managed to find a picture too!