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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I like the way Jacqueline Wilson has rewritten the story. Not only that has impressed me, also that the story is familar in one way and very different in another. Jacqueline Wilson has made the story a fun book to read even though it is very short! It is not only the way that Jacqueline Wilson has written the story it is also the story by itself that I enjoyed reading this book. Jacqueline Wilson has a lot of fantasy which I like about her. She has a story in her head and the next day she has written a new story for the whole world to read. I always think that she writes a book especially for ME!!!!! The story of Rapunzel is a very old story but now I have a completely different story in my head out of modern times. I would love Jacqueline Wilson to rewrite all the traditional stories which I know and fairytales from lots of different countrys. For example Hansel and Gretel who could find their way back through a big city by following a graffiti-spray track.


  1. Marie, this is a very good post, because you have talked not about the story but about yourself and what the book does for you, and what you feel about Jacqueline Wilson. Well done!

  2. I liked how you explained about story but not just that i like the idea of writing what you think. I like Jaqueline Wilson she is my favourite author. I understood more about the Rapunzel after Noemie told the story of. Tell then i could not really understand the story it was quite confusing!!!