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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Musicians of Bremen

There was a donkey called long ears, he had always been a server but the years passed and long ears was getting older and tired, the donkey did not serve to work and the owner wanted to sell him, the poor long ears was very sad.

"So this is how he pays many years of service, I'll go to the city of Bremen and there I will work as a musician."

He travelled to the road and on the way he met a dog, the donkey asked him, "Why are you here so sad?"

"Well, my owner drives me from home because he says I dont run as before and don't serve to hunt."

"Then come with me. I go to Bremen to become town musician."

"I would love to." And the dog accompanied the donkey. Then they met a sad cat. The cat said that the farmer says I don't serve to hunt mice because I am too old and the farmer did not want him.

Then they met a cock, the donkey asks him why are you here singing in the morning? the cook says that trying to sing because if not my owner will cook me.

The cock went with them to Bremen.

On the way they found a house in the forest but there were thieves. Then prepared a plan to enter in the house. They climbed one above the other and began to sing, then the thieves frightened got scared and left the house. They went into the house and spent the night. The next day they were all happy to be Bremen to be musicians.


  1. Well done Carmen! You retold the story well!

  2. I think you have realy that you have realy tolled me what it's about