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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Beowulf and the Monster

Long ago lived a king and that king was the chief of the best and bravest fighters in the few villages nearby. One night the king and his soldiers had won a grate battle so that night and 1 or 2 night's more, while there's nights they drunk wine had big feasts like crisps, lemonade, lasagne, pizza and lots of lovely food and drinks that you could not even dream about.

In the meantime Grendel, a big, fierce and powerful monster which had slept for at least 10,000 years had now woken up in a splendid dream that powerful music and dancing even in the deep dark woods we could still hear an awful lot of music. So when the people came back to their house all drunk and exhausted, Grendel marched to the palace and sank his teeth into the necks of the guards guarding the palace because they were not taking their job seriously.

When the king realised what had happened he felt like that taught them well and he felt sorry for them at the same time. Now that his guards were gone he did not not know how he would defeat Grendel so the king decided to let anyone from anywhere come to try and defeat Grendel. The first person to come and beat up the evil Grendel was a very brave man with a bow and arrow but unfourtianly at night when he tried to defeat Grendel the arrow just simply bounced off Grendel.

So now one Thursday afternoon a strange boat came sailing in and in it was a very, very strong man who was looking at the stars like he was guided by one of the stars and as he approached the king saw him clearly and that person was Beowulf the famous, Beowulf the saver and the best fighter in the whole wide world. He had conquered every single sort of beast.

Beowulf said "I am concerned about this beast called Grendel. I know I am; the stars told me. As he went no one dared to stop him so that night he lured the beast and a big fight started.

Who will win? I will not tell you. It is to you to read and find out.

I liked this book because it has lots of mystery

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