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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tale of the Sands

Everyone knows it but I can still tell the Tale of the Sands:

When one Stream is passing desert sands as fast as it could it realised it would be swallowed up by the sand and unable to pass through.
Then what would happen if the stream let her vapour fly with the wind?
The Stream's water is sinking. What will it do?

The sand tells him about letting yourself fly with the wind but the Stream doesn't understand so he asks another question: 'Will I remain the same Stream that I am now?'
The answer is no. Suddenly the Stream remembers that he had been all ready passed the sand by letting the wind carry him in it's arms and take him to a mountain.
The Stream stops and let itself get carried by wind and to moutain and turn into a new Stream again.The sand answers and says, 'We know about this because we see and we see it every time this happens. We are here still watching'.

The Stream was being greedy, he only wants himself in his life he doesn't want anybody to do help him like the wind.
Most people in class had the same change as the Stream had: they changed school they came from different country or even a different continent - Africa, Asia, Australia, or maybe Europe, but from diffrent places in France or another country.

Added by Mr Gregg - See here for more of our ideas about this story.

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  1. Great, Ceyda! I like your thoughts about the tale too. Interesting that you say the Stream is greedy, and I like your comparison with our own experiences.