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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Extra Credit

This book makes me feel older than I am because in the book most people are teenagers and there is only one girl younger than me. As soon as I started this book I knew that it would get very interesting and adventurous and basically I was right.In the book the main caracters are two teenagers one is called Abby, who starts the friendship in between her and her Pen Pals called Sadeed and Amira. Half half because Amira tells Sadeed what to write. Both live in Afghanistan where you speek Dari. Sadeed is a very good student and so he is able to speek Dari and English. Meanwhile Abby is about to fail sixth grade and being afraid to loose her friends in class she chose the Pen Pal as a extra credit project. This project gives her the chance to catch up in every subject discluding PE because she is already a very sporty girl,...but if you want to find out the rest of the story you will have to ask to borrow it from me (first I have to finish the book)! There are lots of letters to read in this book which gives me the feeling to be a bit nosey.


  1. Marie - thanks for writing this! You have put in lots of your own response to the book: I like that: "This book makes me feel older than I am..." and "...which gives me the feeling to be a bit nosey." Even more than that, you've made me want to read the book!