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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Glittering Eye by L.J Adlington

The Glittering Eye is a great book, I reccomend it because L.J Adlington has written a book about two almost completely diffrent people one a boy called Shabti from Egyptian times and a girl called Amy from England 2012. They are completely different times for insance 20000BC and 2012; however L.J Adlington has bought both times together through just about two pages.
So basically Amy's father is an archaeologist and is filming in Egypt for a show called Action Archaeology. They are filming in the Sahara Dessert with vast red cliffs, rocks, sand and everywhere the unblinking eye of the sun with his other fellow reporters, Jason and Ellie and the crew - I think thier names are Carl and Mak. But Amy should be scared of more things than just getting a sunburn.
Shabti wakes in a barley field. He can't remember his past, he doesn't have any memories and he has no escape from a vicious master with dogs to set to rip the remaining flesh off his bones, but he to should be scared of more than starvation.


  1. That's a tantalising introduction to the book, Myriam! I guess the two of them meet up, but you have left me guessing, which is not a bad thing!