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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gregor and the Prophecy of the Bane by Suzanne Collins

It's the second book of Gregor only with a new Prophecy, the profhecys are writen by a dead guy called Balthesar of Sandwich (weird) he led the underlanders under New York City. He could see thing's from the future. Anyway Gregor has to kill a huge ginormous white rat named The Bane it sounds teriffying to gregor but not because of the task ahead of him but because of what is writen in the prophecy:
Die the Baby,
Die his heart,
Die his most esentual part.
What on earth could that possibly mean?. On his last visit to the underland Gregor made some new friends, the future Queen of Regilea (the human palace) Luxa, her sort in a way viser Vikus, a solder Mareth and Vikus's wife Solovet. Stranegly almost every underlander is purple eyed, almost transparent skinned and silver haird but Gregor alo mayed some rather unusual friends. Like an over sized rat with a diagonal Scar across his face named Ripred, a Chockroach called Temp (and a dead one called Tick), a bat called Ares (who is now his bond) and another bat called Aroura. He is also about to make more friends...and enimys for that matter. Gregor doesn't want anything to do with the profhecy he doesn't want to kill the Bane he just wants to go home and live happily ever he doesn't want to be dragged back again.


  1. Myriam,
    the more you tell me about the book, the more I want to read it, but I still have some questions who is bane, is he a rabid rat, or just a giant rat? I would love to have some answers, it's okay if you don't have any, oh and also I'm sorry I couldn't get to you that quick
    sincerely, Michael
    West Maple elementary

    1. The Bane is Sort of a rabid rat he's a bit messed up in the head as in slightly bonkers, I'm sorry I couldn't reply more quick.