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Monday, January 30, 2012

Gregor The Overlander by Sazanne Collins

Suzanne Collins is my faverout auther after reading the Hunger Games, then I got the book Gregor The Overlander. I just need to read 1 sentance and Suzanne Collins has got me under her controle, litraly my Mum and Dad can't stop me reading her books.
Gregor is from the Overland (our world) his Dad dissapeard one night and Gregor doesn't need to look at a calender to know how long it's been since he saw his Dad. Two years seven months and three days. Gregor now has a Mum, a little sister called Lizzie, another little sister called Margeret or Boots (they nicknamed her Boots because in winter she steales everybodies boots and walkes around in them) and a Grandmar with bad aurther-wrightes and she also sometimes thinks she's in Virginea on Gregors Uncles farm rarther then in a flat in New York. Gregors Mum is a doctor or dentist receptoinist every day(since Gregors Dad dissapeard). It's a saturday and Gregors Mum is at work and Gregor looks after his sisters and Grandmar when Mrs Cormmkie comes in and says.
"Ah Gregor your Mummy told me to look after your sisters whilst you do the washing up, because she tells me that your Grandmar is thinking that she's in Virginea...if only" so Gregor gos down to the laundry room unawhere of his little sister Boots following him until he sees her with her faverout ball. After Gregor has done the laundry he realises that Boots has been qiuet and sees her falling threw the grate in the laundry room. There's more down there than a sewer... a lot more.

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