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Monday, January 30, 2012

Lord of the Rings:The Fellowship of the Ring

There is loads of fantasy in Lord of the Rings book and loads of description. What I mostly like about this book is the battles because I can imagine all the arrows coming my way. This book's main characters are Frodo and Sam who are heading of to Rivendell to collect some "fellowship" to go in the dark land of Mordor.

This thing about the ring all started with someone who wanted one ring to rule them all, so this ring was created in the deep heat of the volcano, so when in battle lots of elves were suffering trying to defeat Lord Sauron nothing could destroy him as long as he was wearing that ring. He was invincible until he came to one of there bravest men and they charged at him and luckelyone of then hit his finger.


  1. I think that your blog of The Lord of the Rings is really good. The book The Lord of the Rings is a sort of formal book (most people choose it) but you can deffinatly see why.

  2. I have seen the film and Im reading the book

  3. You have writen a lot and I think that I will read soon