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Monday, January 16, 2012

(Hand-written by Claudia, typed by Mr Gregg)

This is a book about a dog that has been treated in three different ways and also about a dog that is named three times. It is a book that I have recently read at home and it is a wonderfully good one. It is written by the author Michael Morpurgo who is my second favourite. The dog is first named Best Mate by a young by and he treats Best Mate kindly with the help of his mother and father. Best Mate is saved by the by, who stops him from getting drowned in the river. 

Best Mate is then named Brighteyes by a girl and his life is really hard, especially when he loses his best dog friend, Alfie. He knows that it will happen to him too. But Becky will not allow it. So she goes into town with him and they both start a new life there. 

The dog is finally named Paddywack by an elderly man. Paddywack now has the life that he had in the first place, but instead of the boy it is the man, Tom, who is helping him. I like the ending a lot because Paddywack ends up in the place where he started and found Patrick his first owner. I really like Michael Morpurgo and I hope I shall read another book of his. I hope it is about an animal as well.

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