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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jaqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson is my best author. I lıke all her books, all her writing. I really love them! I guess you do as well. I like the way she explaıns the story and she always has a problem that you want to know how to solve it.

Here are nearly all the books she has written:

I really lıke them, and advise reading them ( for girls mostly).


  1. My sister read that book but havent is it good?:)

  2. I like her bookes as well but my sister is crazzy about her she has all her books and has read them all more than once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Ceyda
    I love J Wilson too - I love the way she puts really complicated issues into stories but they are still enjoyable to read. One of my favourite children's authors is Julia Golding - have you tried her rip roaring adventures?
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    Ms Payne
    Headteacher at St Mary Redcliffe Primary, Bristol,UK!

  4. i ABSOLUTELY LOVE j.W.!!!!

  5. Very well!
    Anem, Mount Pellon

  6. İ would say atlest half of quarter the classas likes Jaqueline wilson