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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jazeera in the Sun

(sent by email to Mr Gregg to be posted)
Jazeera in the Sun is a book that I have recently read at home and it is a very good one. I think that it is a good book because of the way the author writes it. It is simply written but gets the message across to readers about the big differences between richer and poorer countries. She describes people really well. The main character in this story is Jazeera, a little girl who comes from England and goes to visit her grandma in India. Her grandma is also another main character. In her life in England Jazeera has never learnt about poor people and how they look, but now in India she realizes how different they are from her. She knows now that even the littlest things in India are really appreciated. I think that it is very sad at the end because her grandma dies, but it is another way of dying: she dies in the Sun and her grandma told her before she died how Jazeera had made her very happy. I hope I can read the other 2 books about Jazeera; another time maybe.


  1. Claudia,

    After reading this post it made me want to read the book. I think that this would be a good book fit for me because I like reading about stories that show differences between others. I want to learn more about this book series so could you post more comments when you read the rest of them? I would love to know more about the other books you read! :)

    West Maple Elementary

    1. Hello Abby- This is a very good comment, Thank you very much for saying that my book blogs are good. I would like to read some of your blogs, i hope they will be as good as mine. I like adventurous stories and Jazeera in the sun is a really abventurous book. I hope you will like it as well maybe some other day maybe. I hope you can read some other books i have recently done and i hope you shall like them. Maybe i can write some comments on yours. By Claudia Presset- International School of Tolouse

    2. Hi Claudia-
      Have you ever read the book The Time Travelers? If you have isn't it really action packed? Also if you haven't it is really good. The book is about a boy named Peter and his mom has to go to work half way across the world. Because of that Peter needs to go to live with the Dyer family. At his stay he finds out that Mr. Dyer is a scientist but not a scientist for weather or space a scientist for creating things. Also things start happening and they are very strange, they were time traveling! On the way things start getting worse and worse. I hope you have more book post I can reply to!
      West Maple Elementary